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Bluetooth Athletic Earphones with Exterior Power Indicator

Bluetooth Athletic Earphones with Exterior Power Indicator

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Unleash a new level of comfort and audio performance with our Bluetooth Bone-Conduction  Athletic  Earphones.  Designed for athletes,  commuters, and  everyone  in between, these earphones revolutionize the way you experience sound.


- Bone-Conduction Technology: Say goodbye to in-ear discomfort. Our innovative bone-conduction  design  ensures  that the earphones  sit comfortably  on your  cheekbones,  allowing you to hear ambient sounds for added safety while walking, running, or cycling.

- Bluetooth Connectivity: Seamless pairing  with your devices ensures that you're always connected. Enjoy the freedom of wireless sound with high-quality audio,  wherever  you  go.

- Exterior Power Indicator: No more guesswork  about battery life. Our exterior  power  indicator displays how much juice is left, so you're never caught off-guard.

- Athletic Design: These earphones  are built for action.  Whether you're a  runner,  cyclist, or gym enthusiast, they're sweat-resistant  and stay  in place, providing  soundtrack to your active lifestyle.

- Long Battery Life: The efficient battery offers up to 10 hours of non-stop  music,  podcasts, or calls, ensuring that your earphones keep up with you.


- Workout Companion: Our Bluetooth Bone-Conduction  Athletic Earphones  are  perfect for all sorts of physical activities like running, jogging, cycling, and hiking.  

- Daily Commute: Make your  daily travels more  enjoyable and safe. Listen  to music  or podcasts while being aware of your surroundings.

- Office Friendly: With the non-intrusive bone-conduction  design, you  can enjoy your  favourite tunes without disturbing your co-workers.

- Hands-Free Calling: Built-in microphone for taking calls on the go, offering a completely hands-free experience.

Unlock a premium audio experience that marries comfort with top-tier  sound  quality.  Elevate your listening game today with the Bluetooth Bone-Conduction  Athletic  Earphones with Exterior Power Indicator. Get yours now and take the first step towards a more comfortable and versatile audio experience.

Product information:

Function: noise reduction, bone conduction, power display, call function, NFC function, voice control, support for music, multi-point connection
Channel: Stereo
How to use: hanging ear
Whether single or binaural: bilateral stereo
Color: S900 Black, S900 Blue, S900 White
Mold type: private mold

Bluetooth version: 5.1
Receiving distance: ≥10m (barrier-free)
Headphone battery capacity 80mAh
About 10 hours of continuous listening to music at a time
Electric compartment battery capacity 400mAh
Can charge the headset about 2 times
Battery charging time is about 3h
Charging input: 5V==0.5~2A

Packing list:

Bluetooth headset*2
Charging compartment*1     

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