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New Multipurpose Headset Bluetooth Fidget Spinner Fingertip

New Multipurpose Headset Bluetooth Fidget Spinner Fingertip

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A revolutionary, multipurpose Bluetooth Fidget Spinner Fingertip Gyro In-Ear Headset is now available! This cutting-edge headset combines the convenience of Bluetooth technology with the fun of a fidget spinner, allowing you to stay connected while enjoying a calming, stress-relieving activity. The headset's fingertip gyro design ensures a secure, comfortable fit, and its in-ear design provides superior sound quality. With this innovative headset, you can stay connected and entertained wherever you go!

fidget spinner Bluetooth headset


1. MULTI-FUNCTION -- Fidget Spinner: Design idea from the hot product, release nervous energy and stress reduction anxiety relief.
2. CONVENIENT TO CARRY -- It is convenient to carry anywhere. The Bluetooth headset is palm mini size easy for one-handed use, lightweight, and pocket size.
3. A PERFECT HEADSET-USE SYSTEM --Give You Intimate Design And Enjoy A More comfortable and Satisfying Feeling.

Product information:

Transmission range: 10m
Functions: noise reduction, power display, call function, voice control, music support
Bluetooth protocol: 5.1
Channel: Stereo
Usage: earplug type
Endurance: 120 (hours)
Type: neutral belt packaging white, neutral belt packaging pink

Packing list:

Fingertip gyro charging chamber * 1
Headset * 2
Packing box * 1

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