Meditation Green Jade Necklace with Buddha
Meditation Green Jade Necklace with Buddha
Meditation Green Jade Necklace with Buddha
Meditation Green Jade Necklace with Buddha
Meditation Green Jade Necklace with Buddha
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Meditation Green Jade Necklace with Buddha projecting universal love, health, wealth and long life.

"Jade is one of my favorite and most healing stones. It projects universal love and vitality, and encourages harmony, wisdom and health. This necklace is beautiful and solid, very well-made. Buddha reminds me to draw inwards and focus on the strength I have inside and my connection to all beings around me: we are all one. I wear this necklace a lot when I teach as a reminder to teach with compassion and love, no expectations, no judgement," said Aria Morgan, yoga instructor.

This Spiritual Meditation Jade Mala features a stunning 2 inch  silver EP Buddha hang in the centerpiece. The necklace is about 28 Inch long.

Using Prayer Beads as a tool of meditation is as old as human history. It is not a coincidence that Prayer Beads are present in almost every culture. Prayer beads have metaphysical and psychological affects on their users. The beads absorb the negative energies and are perfect for meditation.

Buddha is a very well known symbol of happiness, wealth, kindness and innocent contented joy. It is believed that by rubbing his tummy each day, which is said to contain much wealth, will bring good luck and prosperity to the owner. Treat him with respect and he will reward you handsomely.

Jade stone healing power: "Very Lucky Stone", peace, serenity, memory, increases vitality, encourages harmony, inspires wisdom, prolongs life.

Ancient Chinese used it for courage, wisdom, justice, mercy, emotional balance, stamina, love, fidelity, humility, generosity, peace, harmony, lungs, heart, thymus, immune, kidney and blood detoxification and the nervous system.

It is a very popular gemstone projecting universal love, health, wealth and long life. One of the most pure and serene stones, it carries the "wisdom of the ages". Combining the powers of heaven and earth it can inspire you to make clear choices quickly, leading to the path of true joy and abundance.

Brings out the deep peace from within. Dispels negativity. Powerful in balancing emotions. Encourages change, heroism. Promotes idealism and beauty. Increases fertility, longevity.

Provides wisdom when evaluating issues or problems. Brings needed energy. Facilitates healing, meditation, astral travel and development of higher psychic abilities. Improves concentration. Encourages education. Considered a "Dream Stone."

Made with Love in California.

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