K3N Ventures: Bikes, Tech and Smart Gadgets Deals!


K3N Ventures: bikes, tech and smart gadgets deals!

Do you see the black square on the top of my bike basket? That’s a solar panel! Keep reading!

My followers on my social media, just as you here on my blog, are well-aware of my passion for fashion, beauty, and in general women related items.
Because yes, I do love dressing up and doing my makeup 50% of my time.
The other 50%, I am in sweatpants and tees either working at my desk, cycling, or training our newly rescued baby, Sky, an 8 months Staffordshire Terrier.
All of this implies to shop here and there, to keep high the content quality of my content as well as the quality of my offline free time.
One of my favourite shops is K3N Ventures, where I can easily navigate from one thing to the other and shop for me, for my pet, for my business and my hobbies.

They got in touch with me, after checking my lifestyle on my social media to propose me a collaboration. I accepted and this is what I found on their website.

Bicycle and Pets


One of my favourite items is this bag which can be strapped to the tubes of my bike.
I own a beach cruiser so if it fits on mine, you know that it will fit also on your MTB, BMX, and of course, speed and city bikes.
It is waterproof and has this sort of flap on the upper part, which is a great help when it comes to sunny days and the need of seeing the GPS instructions on the screen.

You can store your wallet, your meds, your keys and you are all set to go on an adventure with your favourite two wheels.
It comes in red, blue, green, and silver.
My favourite one is the blue one as it matches my bike which is all black and blue.

It has the bottom part of the phone case open to allow you to pass through the cables in case of need.

Another great item from this shop is the GPS for pets, kids, items…you name it and you can pair them up.
Is like a pendant with an integrated GPS, very easy to pair up.

GPS tag

You scan the QR code with your phone and this pendant is going to work both ways round.
For example, you leave behind your keys? This system will alert you within being 10 meters away from them.
Did you lose your phone? Press the button on the pendant and your phone will start beeping to help you retrieve it.
Nice, compact, and very useful.

You can use it also on pets and with Sky is a great help.
He doesn’t leave my side but having a huge house, sometimes it is helpful to know where he is.
It comes in multiple colours so you can match them!

My other favorite item is the portable and foldable solar panel.
If you use a lot the phone, you know how important is to be able to charge it wherever you are.
But sometimes, it is hard, especially if you like to hike like me in the woods and you need your GPS to understand where you are and how to come back.

This accessory is the best thing ever. You can place it on your backpack, you can place it on your bike or if you have a quite big doggie like me and a utility harness, you can place it on him and charge your items.

Tech and Bloggers

When I say to people that I work as a full-time blogger and a content creator, their answer is generally a “Ah ok, so you are paid to write?” but they get lost on the content creator subject.

If you are a blogger, you need also to know how to create a campaign from scratch.
It means learning how to take photos, how to display items, how to work with artificial lights, how to edit photos, and having a great army of tech accessories to help you while doing all of this.

 charging stand

On K3N Ventures, they have a very nice section full of those accessories.

Among my favourites, there is this pod station for Apple products.

I love to have my desk organized as it helps me to keep my focus on what I am doing.
This station is everything an Apple lover like me could want.
You can charge and organize your iPhone, your Airpods, and your Apple Watch, all in one place.

Another blogger and influencer secret is the famous beauty ring.
The name says it all.

light stand

The light, produced by LEDs placed on a ring, makes you look like an IG star in seconds.
K3N Ventures as options for every wallet and every size.
The lights, warm, mixed, and cold, are what is going to give a special touch to your photos and videos.

I have mine set on the mixed light, so half cold, half warm, as I think it is the best one for my skin complex.

Their beauty mirror could also be something you may adore if you are into beauty and makeup blogging and influencing as well as you just really like your efforts to be flawless when it comes to your face.

Final thoughts?

Great products for a great price and value.
And an even greater price comes with the special discount for The Wandering Cloud readers!
Click here and claim your 20%OFF site-wide!

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